How to Keep Your Carpets Looking Great

It’s common knowledge that the popularity of carpet flooring in homes has continued to decline very steadily over the past decade. In today’s real estate and housing market, homebuyers love to see wall-to-wall hardwood floors and cringe at the sight of carpet; however, there’s still a large population of people who continue to have these shag, fluffy floors in their homes. Having to hire a professional carpet cleaning company every 6 months can get expensive. So, whether you’re loyal carpet-lover or you’re procrastinating working on renovations to replace your carpet with brand new hardwood floors, here are a few tips to keep your carpets looking like new.

  1. Remember what Mom always used to say, ‘No shoes on the carpet!’

Before the kids, the dog, or the handyman husband comes stomping in the door, tell them to put on the brakes and take off their shoes. Not only is it good manners to remove your shoes before entering a home, but it’ll also save your carpets. Dirt, dust, and grime can cause your carpets to wear down and dull out. Small particles can damage the carpet’s fibers, and eventually it can even cause the surface color to change. If you can’t avoid shoes being worn in the house, it’s a good idea to have an entry mat by each doorway to cut down on some of the residue coming into your home.

  1. Clean, clean, and clean some more

Whether you’re doing the hard work yourself or hiring a professional, carpets need to be routinely vacuumed and sometimes even regularly shampooed. Most carpets should be professionally cleaned and shampooed around every two years or less. Between then, it’s very important to frequently vacuum and even spot clean—particularly if you notice any spills or stains. You should pay extra attention to sections of the carpet that fall into high areas of foot traffic, and try your best to clean up large, dark spills as soon as you can. Don’t forget that carpets are made of very delicate fabrics, so there are special cleaners that should be used. If you happen to have a shag carpet, or you see certain areas on the carpets where small rips or snags have occurred, don’t be afraid to take some scissors and trim them down.

  1. Fix your feng shui (a.k.a. move your furniture)

Poor, carpets. All day they get walked all over by dirty shoes and squirmy feet, and not to mention, they’re flattened by large pieces of furniture like your favorite comfy couch or that oversized TV stand. If you’ve ever moved out of a home that has carpet, then I’m sure you’ve seen the results of what large, stationary furniture can do to those carpets: the indents, the dust collection in tight corners, and maybe even a fade in certain areas. Luckily, this can all be prevented, or at least the effects can be minimized. All you need to do is just mix up your feng shui. By moving your furniture around on a regular basis, every six months or so, you’ll be able to reduce the premature wear and tear of your carpets.

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