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How to Keep Your Carpets Looking Great

It’s common knowledge that the popularity of carpet flooring in homes has continued to decline very steadily over the past decade. In today’s real estate and housing market, homebuyers love to see wall-to-wall hardwood floors and cringe at the sight of carpet; however, there’s still a large population of people who continue to have these shag, fluffy floors in their homes. Having to hire a professional carpet cleaning company every 6 months can get expensive. So, whether you’re loyal carpet-lover or you’re procrastinating working on renovations to replace your carpet with brand new hardwood floors, here are a few tips to keep your carpets looking like new. Continue reading How to Keep Your Carpets Looking Great

3 Ways to Beautify Your Lawn

We’ve all been a witness to it. Walking down a neighborhood street as you pass by two separate yards sitting right next to one another. One is completely perfect and polished, the grass is cut to the ideal height, the bushes are neatly trimmed, the flowers are in full bloom, and the brickwork is laid out beautifully. And then, you look over to the next yard—yikes. The grass is overgrown, weeds are sprouting through left and right, the flowers are on their last legs of life, and the hedges are climbing up the side of the house (and it’s not in an artist, purposeful way, but in a ‘too lazy to trim’ kind of way). Hopefully you’re not the owner of the latter, but if you are, fear not. Finding a great landscaper or tree service isn’t all that hard. The following tips and tricks will take you from being the embarrassment of the block, to the best green thumb in the neighborhood. Continue reading 3 Ways to Beautify Your Lawn